Greater Minn. performers play bigger role at Fringe Festival

Most  performers in the Minnesota Fringe Festival hail from the Twin Cities. But executive director Robin Gillette’s worked hard the past seven years to entice performers from around the state to join in the fun and the effort appears to be paying off.

The festival, celebrating its 20th anniversary, opens Thursday. It will be Gillette’s last year running the performance smorgasbord.

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    July 31, 2013

There are eight shows featuring greater Minnesota performers from Mankato to Duluth, and they’ll be doing everything from theater to dance to music and poetry. Check out a sampling below.

From Duluth: night train / red dust
Fringe Festival description: “Kathy McTavish, cellist & multi-media artist, and Sheila Packa, poet, create a genre-bending ride through the Iron Range: ‘I excavate these words from a vein of iron from the open pit-lit by dynamite.'”
From St. Cloud: Schrödinger’s Apocalypse, by Rooftop Theatre Company
Fringe Festival description: “The zombies have taken over the Earth! Or have they? Three years after the apocalypse, the world as we know it may or may not have ended. Is it time to leave the safety of the underground bunker or stay there?”


From Mankato: Shine, by 3rd Year Productions
Fringe Festival Description: “SHINE is the story of a little girl who stands up to bullying in her school and changes everything. Using everyday situations, humor, songs and dance, SHINE is good advice for kids facing bullies anywhere. Recommended for kids 12 and under.”