Great literature… by women

On several occasions in recent history I’ve perused lists claiming to cite the “100 best modern novels” or “books you must read before graduating from college” and “50 books to read before you die.

All these lists share something in common – a stunning lack of women. At best women make up 10 percent of the authors, but even that’s rare.

Of course men have a historical advantage in terms of education and power – and they tend to be the ones who write the lists of what to read.

The result is that these “must read” compilations end up incredibly lopsided, missing out on a great range literary voices.

So here are a few sources to help people re-balance their reading lists.

1. 21st Century Literature by Women: A Reading List

2. 100 Great 20th Century Works of Fiction by Women

3. Best Books (by Women) of 2012