Musician Jake Armerding offers shares of his songs at $2 a pop

Folk musician Jake Armerding is celebrating the release of his latest CD “Cosmos in the Chaos” tonight at Aster Café in Minneapolis.

Armerding, a transplant from Boston, recently moved to Minnesota for the second time in recent history.

Folk musician Jake Armerding (Photo courtesy of the Artist)

In an interview with Mike Pengra on Radio Heartland Armerding cited his particular love of the local food scene as one of the big draws for his return, which may in part explain his new music “CSA.” In this case, CSA stands for Community Supported Art instead of the more commonly known Community Supported Agriculture.

For $2 a month, subscribers are able to download a new song by Armerding each month, along with a photo by artist Danica Donnelly. For $5 a month, subscribers get three songs by Armerding and his musician friends along with two images by visual artists. Armerding says the CSA has had a big impact on his new CD.

“I think it’s some of the best music I’ve ever made, because of the CSA and people jumping on board and pre-funding the music I was making. It was really liberating in terms of not feeling like I had to make this type of song or that type of song because the album needed to hold together. It’s just a song by song thing, which for better or for worse seems like the direction we’re headed these days. That allowed me to take more risks.”

Armerding performs at 9pm tonight along with Ben Rosenbush. You can hear the complete interview by clicking on the link below:

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