Terminated, Chris Kluwe becomes the Terminator

To borrow the well worn phrase Arnold Schwarzenegger rode to stardom, Chris Kluwe won’t be ‘bahck’ as the punter for the Minnesota Vikings next year. Yesterday he was unceremoniously cut from the team, much to the chagrin of fans who appreciated his booming right leg and singular outspokenness on social issues such as gay marriage.

But Viking or not, Kluwe appeared on the New Century stage yesterday as Ahnold’s cyborg assassin “the terminator” for the Minnesota Fringe Festival‘s annual fundraiser.


Chris Kluwe appears to be enjoying his role as The Terminator, seen here taking out actor Josh Carson

Photo courtesy Minnesota Fringe Festival

Each year the Fringe Festival chooses a well-known movie, book or play, and then assigns five different theater companies each a fifth of the story.

The event is called “Five Fifths of…”; this year it took on the 1984 movie “The Terminator.”

Kluwe made his appearance during Mainly Me Productions fifth of the show, taking Arnold Schwarzenegger’s role for a scene at a police station.

Kluwe appeared to be enjoying himself as he sent actor Josh Carson through a series of pratfalls to the cheers of the audience.