Art Hounds: FOB, Get on the Grid, and Duluth goes ‘Underground’

The UndergroundThe Underground, a new arts venue in Duluth. (Photo courtesy of The Underground)

This week, a multi-generational perspective on the Chinese immigrant experience, a new venue that’s enlivening the Duluth art scene, and a networking party for part time musicians.

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gillianbrennan.JPGMusician and attorney Gillian Brennan has the desire but not the time to meet similarly situated musicians to collaborate with. Enter local guitar wizard and music educator Mike Michel with Get on the Grid, a networking group that fosters partnerships between serious but not career-minded musicians. Get on the Grid will hold its next networking party this Sunday, May 19 at Icehouse in Minneapolis from 2:30 to 5:30pm.

simikang.JPGMinneapolis visual artist and poet Simi Kang is an admirer of the playwright David Hwang, author of “M. Butterfly” and “Yellow Face,” as a chronicler of the Asian American experience. Simi says Hwang’s first play, “FOB,” is being staged at the Southdale Library on Saturday, May 18th at 2pm. It’s part of Hennepin County Library’s Spice and Slice of Asian America series.

lawrencelee.JPGThe Underground, says Duluth actor and director Lawrence Lee, has opened just in the nick of time for Duluth’s burgeoning art scene. It’s in the basement of the Depot, where several local arts groups are headquartered. Lawrence says the space has great architectural beauty and flexibility as a venue.

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