The reviews are in for Frank Theatre’s ‘Misterman’

How often are our good intentions ruined by our own deep flaws?

Frank Theatre presents “Misterman”, the tale of a supposedly holy man who attempts to rescue the souls of his neighbors… with tragic consequences.

Critics found this one man show a “success” and a “tour-de-force performance” but wonder if the Southern Theater was the right venue.


John Catron in Misterman by Frank Theatre

Photo by Wendy Knox

From Renee Valois at the Pioneer Press:

Thomas says he wants to help people, spreading love and peace, but his anger has a short fuse that can make him do a 180-degree turn in an instant. Catron’s ability to turbo-shift from calm and sweet to monstrously enraged, and everything in between, makes the show worth watching… Michael Sommers’ set and Michael Croswell’s sound design are also a huge part of the play’s success, bringing us more fully into Thomas’ crazed world.


John Catron in Misterman by Frank Theatre

Photo by Wendy Knox

From Rohan Preston at the Star Tribune:

What the actor gives us in his tour-de-force performance is a man wrestling with demons that manifest themselves as their opposite. The contradictions are starkly embodied on the actor’s face, in his popping veins and in his voice, a strained instrument that he uses to betray what is really one of the strangest figures on any stage this spring theater season.

From John Olive at

…This is one of those plays that defy easy rational interpretation. If this is going to bother you (and to a certain extent I will confess that it bothered me), you may find Misterman to be on the dull side. My advice: don’t try to figure it out. Let Walsh’s fervid writing wash over you, and let Catron’s energetic work transport you.


John Catron in Misterman by Frank Theatre

Photo by Wendy Knox

From Sheila Regan at TC Daily Planet:

I do I think perhaps Catron would have been better served in a more intimate venue, allowing him to be fed more from the audience. While the Southern’s large stage has allowed Michael Sommers free range for a cool set, I bet he could have evoked the same feeling in a smaller space, and made it more cramped, which might have aided the idea of Thomas being imprisoned by his memories.

Misterman runs through April 28 at the Southern Theater in Minneapolis. Have you seen it? What’s your review?