Art Hounds: Degenerate classical music, Howard Christopherson, and the ‘N’ word unpacked

n.i.g.g.e.r. promo photo 2 - e.g. bailey.jpegSha Cage in N.I.G.G.E.R. (Image courtesy of Intermedia Arts)

The hounds are active this week, chasing down an upstart band of young classical musicians, a veteran gallerist and artist who’s been making a mark for 25 years, and a local performance artist confronting and explaining the ‘N’ word.

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Hadamharris.JPGThe movie “Django Unchained” reveled in its repeated use of the ‘N’ word. Local actor H. Adam Harris thinks we now need to do some serious work developing a deeper understanding of it. He’s recommending “N.I.G.G.E.R.,” a performance piece in which artist and McKnight Fellow Sha Cage uses puppetry, monologue, music and community interviews to unravel the “N’ word. At Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis, Thursday, March 7 through Sunday, March 10.

vancegellert.JPGPhotographer Vance Gellert credits Howard Christopherson’s creative exuberance, artistic craft and uncanny eye for talent as some of the reasons behind his 25 year reign as owner of Icebox Quality Framing and Gallery in Minneapolis. Vance says you can see Christopherson’s impact in “The Icebox Years,” a new show commemorating the gallery’s 25th anniversary.

shahzoreshah.jpg“The Degenerate Music Club.” When Shahzore Shah discovered this group of young musicians he found their name and their mission to perform the most obscure classical music they could find…refreshing. Shazore, who’s a member of the male vocal ensemble Cantus, says the group performs at unexpected venues too. The Degenerate Music Club is playing at Hymie’s Vintage Records in Minneapolis, Sunday, March 10 at 6pm.

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