Ten second film fest takes a break

20060704_puppetry_2.jpg A summer tradition of sorts will take a break in 2013. The Soap Factory’s 10 Second Film Festival which has celebrated the fine art of the ultra-short film has drawn large crowds since its inception.

Dozens of films, 10 seconds long, give or take, are projected on a wall. Judges award prizes for various categories including documentary. Chris Pennington won last years doc award with this little gem called “Sticks.”

However in a release today Soap Factory Program Manager Lillian Egner announced the news:

If any of you have passed by The Soap Factory recently, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the many construction projects underway on all sides of our building. There are several apartment buildings under development right now. Until the construction surrounding The Soap Factory settles down, and our new neighborhood landscape takes shape, we will wait for Ten Second. It’s very important to the program that Ten Second remains an outdoor festival and nearby to The Soap Factory. I hope all of you have had the chance to have a beer after the fireworks and watch those 100 amazing films. That tradition is really important and we think it’s worth waiting for!

Egner continues that the Festival relies on the neighborhood to hold the festival and she looks forward to a new community outdoor space after the construction is finished.

Just in case you are already going into 10 second withdrawal (how long can that last, one wonders?) here is an hours worth from last years event:

(Top image courtesy 2006 10 second film festival)