Haiku Review: A critique in 17 syllables

Why use a 17th century form of Japanese poetry to write reviews? Why not?

Is it harder to

sum up a show in haiku

than in paragraphs?

Let’s find out. We asked our Art Hounds to give it a try. Read their attempts and then leave your haiku review in the comments!

Framing the Field photo exhibit at St. Kate’s, by Audra Williams

Remember film photos?

Black, white, limited series.

Minnesota pride.

“Ballet Works Project” by the James Sewell Ballet, by Thomas Haakenson

Move like you mean it.

When the movement is stillness

you find yourself again.

Cindy Sherman at the Walker Art Center, by Alberta Lee Orcutt

a diamond ring

a hairy mole, crooked tooth

woman goddesses

Yo La Tengo at First Avenue, by Tom Steffes

Swirling, hypnotic

Glorious cacophony

Wow! Just three people?

Beautifully raw

song stories vintage and new

played with so much heart.

Morning, whiskey, bright

Morphine, TB, more whiskey

Heartbreaking, well acted

“Coronado” by Renegade Theater in Duluth, by Lawrence Lee

strangers in a bar

three stories twist and unfold

the wheel always turns

Now it’s your turn. 17 syllables. Go.