Show art some love on Valentine’s Day

If you could send a love letter to a work of art, which one would you choose? And what would you say?

On February 14, visitors to the MIA will be encouraged to leave valentines for their favorite works of art. They can write a message on the red heart, or leave it blank.


Of course, thinking of this sent me straight back to elementary school. Some paintings, like Lucretia, are bound to get piles of valentines tossed lovingly at her feet, like bouquets of red roses. But what about the little guys? I’m already aching for those works of art tucked in corners, chipped pieces of pottery lovingly crafted by artisans long dead, so easily overlooked when you only have so much time to visit. Don’t they deserve a heart too?

So if you end up at the MIA on Valentine’s Day, do me a favor – don’t make it just about the popular kids.