2012 Sage Awards celebrate great moments in dance

Tonight the 8th annual SAGE Awards for Dance celebrated the finest performances in the Twin Cities from the past year.

Named in honor of dancer and philanthropist Sage Cowles, the awards take place at her other namesake, the Cowles Center for Dance and the Performing Arts.


Megan McClellan looks on as Eddie Oroyan leaps in Shapiro & Smith Dance’s “Family.”

Photo by V. Paul Virtucio

This year Shapiro and Smith Dance, Uri Sands and Wynn Fricke were all recognized for creating outstanding choreography.

Meanwhile, awards went to dancers Katie Johnson, Andrew Lester and Eva Mohn for exceptional individual performances.

Obtuse Crew was honored with the award for Outstanding Ensemble, and both Peter O’Gorman and Mike Grogan were recognized for their music and lighting design, respectively.

In addition Morris Johnson was praised for his work as a teacher of Afro Caribbean dance, and Lirena Branitski was given a special citation for her tenure with Minnesota Dance Theatre and the Dance Institute.

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