Art Hounds: Planet Drone, Barter Fest, and writers out for blood

dorothyfix.jpgDorthy Fix, one of the bands playing at this weekend’s Barter Fest in Hewitt, Minn. (Image courtesy of Abandoned Scout Camp)

The hounds hunt down a fight to the death among some Twin Cities writers, a festival celebrating the art of trading in Hewitt and celestial bodies and circuit bent music in Duluth.

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peter spooner.JPGDuluth art consultant Peter Spooner is drawn to events which merge art and science, like Planet Drone. It happens Friday, Sept. 21 at 8:30pm at the UMD Planetarium and features a tour of the planets and their mythologies with live circuit-bent, experimental electronic music, and vocalizing as a sonic backdrop. Artists include Tim Kaiser, Paul Broman, and narrators/vocalists Unnur Andrea Einarsdottir and Ben Marsen.

sarawatsoncurry.JPGSara Watson Curry will be on the road this weekend, taking her first trip to Hewitt, Minn. to experience Barter Fest on Saturday Sept. 22. Sara is a worker/owner of the Red Raven Espresso Parlor in Fargo. At Barter Fest, which runs from 10am to midnight, you trade whatever you like, precious objects, art works, kitchen items, your skills etc., while a host of music acts from across the Upper Midwest entertain you.

20111028_maggie-ryan-sandford_33.jpgDon’t get writer, actor and producer Maggie Ryan Sandford wrong. She loves going to literary events of all kinds. But Maggie thinks that Literary Death Match distinguishes itself in the way it coaxes local writers out of their shells and turns them into bloodthirsty performers. The next Literary Death Match is Thursday, Sept. 20th at the Nomad World Pub in Minneapolis. It features writers Heid. E. Erdrich, Lara Avery, Patrick Nathan and R. Vincent Moniz, Jr. performing their works in front of judges Mary Mack, Dylan Hicks and Peter Bognanni.

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