Art Hounds: NW Minn. culture, video art, and Saturday morning theater

minouklim.jpgStill from The Weight of Hands, 2010. Single-channel HD video with sound, 13′ 51″ (Courtesy: Minouk Lim and PKM Gallery | Bartleby Bickle & Meursault, Seoul)

This week’s hounds recommend a festival dedicated to far northwest Minnesota’s cultural heritage, a South Korean video artist exploring the recesses of inner city Seoul, and a theatrical alternative to kids’ Saturday morning cartoon rituals.

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trishshortlewis.JPGNatives of far northwest Minnesota, such as arts and history blogger Trish Short Lewis, grow up with an understanding of the area’s unique heritage, which blends Ojibwe and French fur trader cultural traditions. For nearly 30 years, residents have celebrated that history with the annual Chautauqua and French Festival (Aug. 24 – 26) at Old Crossing and Treaty Park near Huot, MN.

paulherwig.jpgSouth Korean video artist Minouk Lim, a rising star in contemporary art, has her first North American exhibition at the Walker Art Center, and Paul Herwig doesn’t want you to miss it. Paul is co-founder of the experimental movement theater troupe Off Leash Area. He says three documentaries in the show use actors to take the viewer on a magical, surreal tour of Seoul, South Korea, which is seeing a lot of its history erased by modernization. The show is called “Heat of Shadows,” and it’s at the Walker through Sept. 2.

katiekaufmann.JPGMany parents of young children, Minneapolis actor and theater-maker Katie Kaufmann included, would like a choice other than cartoons when it comes to their kids’ Saturday morning routines. Enter Comedy Suitcase,”which is producing the “Saturday Morning Submarine Adventure Show,” which Katie loved. The audience decides the characters and the story, and then the cast spontaneously acts it out. The show even includes an open mic for kids to tell jokes. Every Saturday at 10:30am through Sept. 29 at Huge Theater in Minneapolis.

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