Now Now dissects its own music in ‘Into the Song’

Every now and again MPR’s Chris Roberts sits down with a local musician or band to find out more about one of their songs. The occasional series is called “Into the Song.”

For his latest installment, Roberts interviewed the band members of Now Now about their song “Thread.”

“Find a thread to pull,” Dalager sings forlornly in the first verse, “and we can watch it unravel.”

“A hint of light in the dark,” she continues in the chorus, “but only enough to keep from giving up. If I could go back to the start, to break the pattern forming between us.”

It sounds like someone at the beginning of a slow, agonizing end to a relationship. But for Dalager, “Thread” is about striving for something that is painfully out of reach. She wrote it when the members of Now Now decided to commit their lives completely to music, in the face of an unknown future.

“That’s just kind of how I felt about everything in my life at that point,” she said. ” ‘Cause we were writing this record not knowing what was going on pretty much with anything.”

You can find out more about the song “Thread” and the band Now Now here.

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