Art Hounds: Cig Harvey, Kevin Steinman, and dance as a collection of observed patterns

morganthorsondance.jpgImage from Morgan Thorson’s “Spaceholder Festival” (Photo credit: Lenore Doxsee, photo courtesy of Morgan Thorson)

On the hounds radar this week…a photographer and a songwriter who each create a powerful intimacy with their own self-inspection, and a celebrated Minneapolis choreographer whose new piece is devoted to human patterns, in what we see, hear, touch and how we behave.

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chrisschlichting.JPGWhen Minneapolis choreographer Morgan Thorson presents new work, says choreographer and performer Chris Schlichting, it’s an event in the local dance community. Chris says Thorson’s “Spaceholder Festival,” opening at the Red Eye Theater in Minneapolis on Friday, July 20, is an attempt to make a dance work, with its sound, music, set design and bodies moving on stage, into an actual artifact. It runs through July 26.

stephguidera.JPGMinneapolis painter Steph Guidera says at first glance, photographer Cig Harvey’s images look like surreal advertisements or movie stills. A deeper look reveals intimate details about Harvey’s life. Harvey’s show, “You Look at Me Like an Emergency” is on the walls of the Minneapolis Photo Center through August 19.

lilytroia.jpgMinneapolis music manager and piano teacher Lily Troia will join a throng of friends and fans at the Bryant Lake Bowl on Monday, July 23, to say goodbye to local songwriter Kevin Steinman. Steinman is giving a farewell concert before he and his wife move to Norway, where his wife is from. One of the main reasons Kevin is leaving is because he has a chronic health condition and can’t afford adequate insurance in the U.S.

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