Three ways to blur the gender lines this weekend

Face it, the old “boy meets girl” story is as old as the hills. So why not mix it up a bit?


Jomama Jones, with her back-up singers Bianca McClure and Kalean Ung

Photo by Michal Daniel

This weekend features an array of performances where gender lines are bent, blurred or completely rewritten. Here’s a sampling:

Dykes Do Drag

Now in its 12th year, Dykes Do Drag is a monthly gender-bending cabaret show, mixing pop and politics and featuring dykes of all stripes strutting, singing and storytelling. Performances are tonight and tomorrow at 10pm at Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis.

Radiate Live!

Pop diva Jomama Jones is back on tour singing tunes from her latest album, Radiate. Performer Daniel Alexander Jones says Jomama chose him as her vessel for spreading her message of love. Through June 24 at Pillsbury House Theatre in Minneapolis.

The Naked I: Wide Open

Created and produced by 20% Theatre Company Twin Cities, The Naked I: Wide Open is made up of monologues, short scenes, and true stories by transgender/gender non-conforming individuals and allies. Performances tonight and tomorrow at Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis.

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