The reviews are in for ‘Radiate Live!’ at Pillsbury House

Daniel Alexander Jones is on tour with his production of “Radiate Live!” in which his alter ego, disco diva Jomama Jones, is out to soften the hardest of hearts with love… and some great music.

The critics have all been caught up in the positive vibe of Jomama Jones’ performance, and couldn’t be happier with the show.


Daniel Alexander Jones is Jomama Jones in Radiate Live! at Pillsbury House Theatre

Photo by Michal Daniel

From John Olive at

Jomama Jones and her piquant band of accompanists have arrived at the Pillsbury House Theatre with a terrific show, Radiate Live! My firm advice: call the Pillsbury BO and make your rezzies. This show will take you through the summertime theatrical doldrums and the goodvibes will last – well, almost – until the Fringe. You need to see this one.

From Dominic P. Papatola at the Pioneer Press:

Since the show’s creator and star, Daniel Alexander Jones, dons gowns and heels to channel Jomama, it would be technically accurate to call “Radiate Live!” a drag show, but any comparisons to, say, Miss Richfield 1981 or Dame Edna end right there. Where those estimable ladies go for the jugular while aiming for laughs, Jomama is an infinitely gentle spirit more interested in lifting the human condition than jamming a satiric stick into it.


Jomama Jones performs Radiate Live! at Pillsbury House Theatre through June 24

Photo by Michal Daniel

From Ed Huyck at City Pages:

Musically, the songs fit well into the soul and funk mode, concentrating mostly on spreading positive vibes. This isn’t a traditional musical, or even something like Hedwig and the Angry Inch, where the songs serve to tell the story. Instead, they merge with the narrative to underscore Jomama’s basic message: Open your heart, love one another, and be positive to make changes. It’s hard to argue with that.

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