Art Hounds: Matt Rasmussen, The Vow Factor, and beatmakers who get booties shakin’

audioperm.JPGHip hop producers Audio Perm (Image courtesy of Audio Perm)

The hounds highlight a Walt Whitman Award winning poet from Robbinsdale, satire of the most divisive institution on the ballot this year, and Twin Cities hip hop producers who know how to win over a crowd.

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brandonboat.JPGAs co-creator of the Minneapolis-based Theater of Public Policy, Brandon Boat embraces art that tackles hot button issues, like who can marry whom. But Brandon prefers that theater strive toward creating a mutual understanding rather than deepening divisions. He predicts everyone will find something to laugh at in “The Vow Factor,” Table Salt Productions and The Recovery Party’s send-up of the institution of marriage.

mattmauch.JPGWhat’s with all the talented Twin Cities poets named Matt? Earlier this year Robbinsdale poet Matt Rasmussen sang the praises of local poet Matt Ryan. Now, it’s Rasmussen’s turn to be celebrated by another poet named Matt, Matt Mauch. Mr. Mauch says Mr. Rasmussen will be reading from his forthcoming book “Black Aperture” at the Robbin Gallery within the Robbinsdale Library on Thursday, June 28 at 7pm. Rasmussen won the distinguished Walt Whitman Award for the book, which is an extended series of poems contending with the suicide of a close family member. June 28, 2012 has also been declared Matt Rassmussen Day by the City of Robbinsdale.

magdalenakaluza.JPGGetting Minnesotans to move to any rhythm is usually a tall order, but Minneapolis spoken word artist Magdalena Kaluza says not for Audio Perm. Audio Perm is a coalition of Twin Cities hip hop producers who supply the beats and soundscapes for a host of local rappers. The group will be holding “Permed Out Showcase #2” at the Cabooze on Friday, June 29. Magdalena says it’s a chance for the beatmakers to show some love for the emcees they work with, including Art School Girls, Bobby Raps, and Fresh Squeeze.

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