Art Hounds: Jomama Jones, The New Monarchs, and a rooftop bog at MCAD

IMG_2133_7897.JPGChristine Baeumler’s installation “Reconstituting the Landscape: A Tamarack Rooftop Restoration.” (Photo courtesy of Minneapolis College of Art and Design)

The hounds have uncovered a “soul sonic superstar” diva, an anthemic electro-rock band, and a reconstituted wetland just above the entrance to the Minneapolis College of Art & Design.

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bonnieschock.JPGJomama Jones’ aura is too strong for Twin Cities theater director, producer and educator Bonnie Schock to resist. Bonnie says Minneapolis native and performer Daniel Alexander Jones is bringing his alter ego, the soulfully smooth chanteuse Jomama Jones to Pillsbury House Theatre as part of her comeback tour, “Radiate Live.” Jomama fronts a five piece band with back-up singers and performs all original music. “Radiate Live” is on stage through June 24.

20090603_greg_swan__33.jpgGreg Swan likes to crank up Minneapolis electro-rockers The New Monarchs when he’s stuck in traffic, or looking for music to make the blood move in his veins. Greg, founder of the local music blog “Perfect Porridge,” says The New Monarchs are releasing its appropriately titled new album “Stay Awake,” at the Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis on Saturday, June 17.

aarondysart.JPG“Giddy” is the word Minneapolis sculptor Aaron Dysart uses to describe how he feels about artist Christine Baeumler’s installation “Reconstituting the Landscape: A Tamarack Rooftop Restoration.” It’s an actual bog, an artist’s recreation of a wetland with tamarack trees and other plant life, and it sits one floor above the entrance to the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. Aaron appreciates its beauty, metaphoric power, and how the piece brings a somewhat invisible but fragile ecosystem into view.

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  • Bernice Baeumler

    Of course loved listening to Aaron Dysart’s view of my daughter’s bog at the Design Museum. She has been an advocate for care for our environment for a very long time and it’s wonderful that her efforts are appreciated. Gratefully, Bernie

  • Christine Baeumler

    So appreciate Aaron’s intelligent and articulate commentary as well as his enthusiasm for the bog–I am impressed that he packed in so many insightful observations into such a short piece. Also, want to acknowledge collaborators Kurt Leuthold, Barr Engineer, and Fred Rozumalski, Barr Ecologist, and the many people who contributed time, energy, and funds to make the rooftop bog a reality–it truly took a village to raise a bog.