Art Hounds: Deanna Durbin, Cory Grossman and an audacious, angst-ridden, messy play

careenough.JPGActors (l-r) Sarah Hollows, Anna Carol, Mason Mahoney, Kathryn Fumie, Adam Scarpello, and Santino Craven in Savage Umbrella’s “Care Enough” (Photo credit Stacy Schwartz of Staciann Photography)

The hounds highlight a wild piece of theater by some radical 20-something practitioners, a film festival dedicated to a ’40s-era screen star who sang and acted her way into the hearts of her admirers, and a local cellist who can improvise in a number of genres.

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(Want to be an Art Hound? Sign up!) editor Susannah Schouweiler says “Care Enough,” the latest production from the Minneapolis group Savage Umbrella Theater, is not theater for the faint-hearted, or for your children. It’s an incredibly ambitious, somewhat non-linear collection of ideas, scenarios and states of mind that form a portrait of the state of our world. And it’s the kind of risky theater Susannah yearns for.

shahzoreshah.jpgShahzore Shah, a tenor with the all male Twin Cities vocal ensemble Cantus, deeply respects musicians who effortlessly glide from genre to genre. Shazore says Cory Grossman is one such cellist, a classically trained artist who can also improvise within a broad stylistic spectrum of music. Grossman will perform as part of his cello duo with Liz Draper, Grossman Draper, on Tuesday June 12 at Cafe Maud in Minneapolis. He also be performing on Wednesday, June 13 at the Black Dog Coffee and Wine Bar in St. Paul with poet Lisa Brimmer and friends.

20090422_maria_jette_1.jpgmaudhixson2.JPGSingers Maria Jette (left) and Maud Hixson (right) so admire the singing and acting chops of their ’40s-era idol Deanna Durbin, they took a tag team approach to talking about the festival of her films at the Heights Theater in Columbia Heights. “Deanna Durbin: The Queen of Universal,” will feature a Deanna Durbin movie every Thursday in June and the first Thursday of July.

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