MN poetry: Louis Alemayehu reads ‘Akhenaten’s Dream’

Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down to talk with some amazing people in the Twin Cities arts community: Painter Ta-coumba Aiken, writer Carolyn Holbrook, storyteller Beverly Cottman, musician Douglas Ewart, artist/set-designer Seitu Jones and poet Louis Alemayehu.

I’ll be posting more on that conversation at a later date, but in passing Alemayehu mentioned that one of his poems has been getting a fair bit of attention online, and he’s now getting requests from the other side of the globe for translations.

No wonder: this reading is truly a performance, filled with big ideas. Alemayehu takes on the state of the world, and dreams of something better. When you have the time – it’s just under 12 minutes long – check it out.

  • Louis Alemayehu

    Thanks for posting this. Much of the text of this poem will also be a part of the May Day Festival ceremony this Sunday, May 6th in Powderhorn Park. This years festival has a focus on the Transitions Towns and community organizing along the parade route providing residents and attendees with sustainable information for their communities. Yall come!