Minnesota museums claim the month of May

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In just a few weeks time thousands of museum professionals will descend on the Twin Cities for the 106th annual meeting of the American Association of Museums.


The Walker Art Center is one of approximately 600 museums in the state of Minnesota. How many can you name?

Image courtesy Walker Art Center

In order to impress their peers, local museums are getting organized and have declared May “Minnesota Museums Month.”

The celebration involves museums of all types – historical, art, science, military, zoos, and arboretums – from all across the state.

It turns out that in the area of museums – as in theater – Minnesota is well above average.

According to the Minnesota Association of Museums, the state is home to approximately 600 museums. That’s about one for every 9,000 residents, and twice the national average.

Minneapolis and St. Paul are home to 55 museums.

This year the celebration is more about welcoming the conference and recognizing just what a strong state Minnesota is for museums, but organizers say they plan to create more elaborate programming in years to come. to bring attention to some of the state’s many hidden gems.

In conjunction with Minnesota Museums Month, the Metropolitan Library Service Agency will award a free membership at a selected Minnesota Museum to a member of the public, drawn at random. You will be able to enter the drawing soon here.

So which of Minnesota’s 600 museums is your favorite?

Editor’s Note: The audio version of this story states that this is the first time the AMA conference has been held in Minnesota. This is incorrect: it took place in the Twin Cities in 1996.

  • This is so great ! Museums taught me at a very early age that art is life. Life becomes aware with art at the center, and now, thankfully we have many museums in this state. The first look at any city in the world when visiting takes me to their local museum. Come to Minneapolis and see the museums !

  • SDG

    My favorite museum is the Ames Florida Stork House Museum in Rockford! But I might be biased, I volunteer there. 🙂 It is a house built in the 1860s and was only owned by three families. Most of their belongings are still in the home and on display! We have activities for children every second Saturday of the month, including upcoming April 14!

    My second favorite is the Science Museum of Minnesota.

  • Joe

    On behalf of my 2 year old son, I would like to nominate the Twin Cities Model Railroad Museum as his favorite MN museum.

  • Paul Foth

    The audio version of this story claims that the upcoming AAM annual meeting will be the first in Minnesota. This isn’t the case. I attended the 1996 meeting at the Minneapolis Convention Center, and I wouldn’t be surprised if others have been held in the Twin Cities. That said, the rest of the story does a great job of highlighting the outstanding presence Minnesota has in the museum world.

  • Marianne Combs

    Paul – you’re right! I was misinformed, and will put up a correction.

  • The Minnesota Machinery Museum in Hanley Falls is a wonderful agricultural museum on the southwestern Minnesota prairie. You can spend hours here and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in rural life in Minnesota.