Art Hounds: Van Stee, Crash Test Dummies, and portraits of readers

560269_10151504690345083_266544130082_23572528_1721815575_n.jpgAmanda Whisner (left) and Celeste Busa in Red Eye Theater’s “Crash Test Dummies” (Image courtesy of Red Eye Theater)

The hounds track down a Minneapolis electronic band with a Dutch name and occasional krautrock influences, a painter who’s celebrating book readers in southwest Minnesota and a post-apocalyptic play with horror movie sensibilities.

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coryhinkle.jpgMinneapolis playwright Cory Hinkle is a big believer in the work of fellow local playwright Christina Ham, who’s latest play, “Crash Test Dummies,” is on stage at Red Eye Theater in Minneapolis through April 29. Cory says the play is set in a post-apocalyptic America and involves a family possibly on the verge of losing its home and in a fight for its own soul.

MarcyOlson.jpgMarcy Olson wants people to know about an art project that elevates book readers through southwest Minnesota. Marcy, a graphic designer at Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall says “Bookface” is a series of 20 portraits artist Lucy Tokheim painted of people around the region in quiet moments of repose: reading. The traveling exhibition will be at the brand new Marshall Lyon County Library April 19 – May 9. There will be a reception at the library on Thursday, April 19, from 5 – 7:30pm. The exhibit will then be at the Willmar Library May 17-31.

nickdecker2.jpgMinneapolis improv actor Nick Decker predicts the Minneapolis indie pop band Van Stee is going to make a lasting impression on music lovers. The group has a couple songs being played on the Current, and combines krautrock-style keyboards, wall-of-sound fuzzy guitars and jazz drumming techniques. Van Stee is playing tonight at the Amsterdam Bar and Hall in St. Paul, then will occupy the artist-in-residence slot at the Kitty Kat Club in Minneapolis every Tuesday in May.

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