Will movie fans have their hunger sated?

“The Hunger Games” opens across the nation at midnight tonight, and thousands of people, young and old, can’t wait to see the movie version of the beloved book by Suzanne Collins.


Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) waits nervously as names are drawn at the annual Hunger Games lottery known as the Reaping.

Photos courtesy of Lionsgate Films

MPR’s Euan Kerr spoke with young adults who lined up for hours to see the cast of the movie at the Mall of America:

University of St. Thomas senior Andrea Gussell caught the Hunger Games bug from her younger brother:.

“Some people are saying that there’s more of a political undertow to this series,” she said. “It is a little bit more aimed towards adults and not as much children, even though children are getting into the series.”

Gussell went early to the recent Mall of America appearance by stars from the film. She soon discovered 4 a.m. wasn’t early enough.

“There were thousands of people; the line wrapped at least halfway around the mall,” she said.

How is the cast of The Hunger Games handling all the pressure? Kerr got a chance to find out, when he sat down with Jennifer Lawrence and other stars from the film:

You can listen to Kerr’s story by clicking on the audio link, and watch an interview with other cast members here.

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