Art lovers unite: the art of Cody Kiser

A piece of art doesn’t truly begin to live until people see it and respond to it. And when people view art, they often tend to keep their ‘eye of the beholder’ opinions, good, bad or indifferent, to themselves.

For the next few months Chris Roberts will be dropping in on art openings around town with microphone in hand to coax a reaction from people to specific pieces.


“See Food” by Cody Kiser

Image courtesy of the artist

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Roberts’ first visit was to the Gallery 122 at Hang it, Inc. in Minneapolis for the opening of painter Cody Kiser‘s “White Noise” exhibition. It’s a series of new oil on canvas works examining what’s on the shelves at local ethnic grocery stores. Take a look at the mammoth 54 x 54 “See Food,” and then listen to the audio montage (by clicking on the above player) and see how your response jibes with the viewers Chris queried at the opening.

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