Art Hounds: Jenga, CLAPS and icy Antarctic paintings


“Grave (South Pole),” 2011 by Chris Willcox

A chaotic stage show which uses a popular game to parody disaster movies, a painter who has captured Antarctica’s serene frigidity, and a Minneapolis electronic band that looks to the past and future, all have gotten the hounds’ attention this week.

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levi.jpgEver play Jenga, the game where you stack blocks and remove them until they collapse? Comedy Suitcase co-founder Levi Weinhagen says the show “Jenga!” at the Brave New Workshop Student Union in Minneapolis though March 3, is equally precarious, more wild and raucous, and definitely more funny. Levi, who also serves as social media manager for Minnesota Playlist, says “Jenga!” by Mainly Me Productions, sends up disaster movies such as “The Towering Inferno,” “The Poseidon Adventure,” and “Twister.”

StuartKlipper.jpgMinneapolis photographer Stuart Klipper has vast experience shooting the polar regions, particularly Antarctica. Stuart says viewing Chris Willcox’s paintings of the continent in her exhibition at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, is like feeling the ice and breathing the frigid air. Willcox’s show is called “90 Degrees South” and it’s part of the MIA’s Minnesota Artist Exhibition Program. On display through April 1.

dylanguerber.jpgMinneapolis graphic designer and electronic musician Dylan Guerber has his eye on the wave of synth pop sweeping through the local music scene, and according to Dylan, at the forefront of that movement is a Minneapolis band called CLAPS. Dylan says the group makes music that is fresh but also a nod to early 80s new wave. They’ll be playing with Condominium at Grumpy’s Downtown on March 3.

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