Art Hounds: Chatham Rise, Above and Below, and a Twin Cities sci-fi future

YouthMakeout_RheaPappas2.jpegImage courtesy Rhea Pappas

The hounds this week are caught up in the swirling psychedelic rock of Chatham Rise, art that goes above and below the surface of the water, and a literary journal devoted to sci-fi writing set in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

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julieswenson.jpg“Above and Below” is a show tailor made for St. Paul make-up artist Julie Swenson, largely because it features two artists she admires. The exhibition, at the Coffman Art Gallery at the University of Minnesota, juxtaposes photographer Rhea Pappas’ graceful, underwater shots of models with Carla Holmquist’s abstract paintings of water surfaces from high overhead. The exhibit runs through April 12.

courtneyalgeo.JPGAfter reading a few stories in “Cifiscape: The Twin Cities,” Courtney Algeo now has no trouble envisioning a swarm of zombies marching down Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis. Courtney, who works at the Loft Literary Center, writes for the Twin Cities Daily Planet, and is an editor for Paper Darts, is going to the launch party for “Cifiscape: Twin Cities, Vol. II” on Saturday, March 31, at 6pm, at University Baptist Church in Minneapolis. Cifiscape is a literary journal of science fiction writing about the future of the Twin Cities.

danchurilla.JPGPsychedelic rock musician and aficionado Dan Churilla has a spot reserved in his reverb- and feedback-drenched heart for Chatham Rise. Dan, who’s a guitarist with the Minneapolis band Delta Lyrae, says the music of Chatham Rise will envelop you, penetrate your core, and put you in a dream state. Dan says he’s also been exposed to a wealth of psychedelic music from outside Minnesota from bands Chatham Rise recruits to share bills with. Chatham Rise plays Saturday, Mar. 31 at the Hexagon Bar in Minneapolis.

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