Weather knocks down turnout for Arts Advocacy Day

Whiteout conditions and heavy snowfall in many parts of Minnesota has taken a toll on what is normally a jam-packed event at the State Capitol.

Today is Arts Advocacy Day, when arts supporters from across the state convene to talk about the importance of the arts with their legislators.

According to Sheila Smith, Director of Minnesota Citizens for the Arts, it’s also the best attended advocacy day at the Capitol all year… weather permitting.

But this morning many advocates found they couldn’t even get out of their driveways, let along make a several hour drive to the Twin Cities to show their support.

That has meant for some swift reorganizing this morning. Laura Zabel, with Springboard for the Arts, tweeted that “We’re down quite a few greater MN constituents b/c of weather. But @MNCITIZEN (Sheila Smith) has rocked a reorg of teams!”

In addition, Smith tweeted “of the about 500 ppl signed up for arts advicacy day, almost 1/2 didnt make it bc of weather!”

Smith has encouraged those who can’t make the event in person to contact their legislators via e-mail on a number of specific topics.

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