Your life story in six words

The Loft Literary Center has been having fun on Twitter today, getting people to sum up their lives in six words. A select winner will win participation in an online writing class. Here are some of the wittier responses:

I erred by caring too much.

Started scribbling at six, never stopped.

You would think I’d have learned.

Left too many books, friendships unfinished.

I came, I saw, I ate.

Never a bridesmaid, always a bride.

Theater major. Will work for food.

Wrote lesbian novel. Married a guy.

So much icecream, so little time.

I walked, fell, then grew wings.

Wait here, sweetheart. I’ll come back.

Trust me, you’d rather not know.

My heart was right all along.

Stayed up all night writing this.

Tripping up the curb of love.

Failed, failed, failed. No matter. Learned.

Young, threw discus. Now, torn meniscus.

My submission?

Crafty gal reporting on artsy world.

So which six words would you choose to summarize your life? Share your abbreviated memoir in the comments section, or on Twitter with #6wordmemoirs and @loftliterary in the tweet. Better yet, do both!