Penumbra examines the past and future of the Black Arts Movement

The Black Arts Movement was a pivotal force in fostering and shaping African-American literature, theater, and other art forms. The movement, begun in the ’60s, lasted approximately a decade, during which a host of new talents emerged – including Nikki Giovanni, Sonia Sanchez, and Maya Angelou. It’s in large part thanks to the movement that we now enjoy a diverse array of perspectives and voices in American culture.

Tonight Penumbra Theatre is launching a series of conversations that examine the influence of the Black Arts Movement, as well as Penumbra’s own role in giving voice to new stories and perspectives.

The series begins with a conversation with Penumbra Artistic Director Lou Bellamy about Penumbra’s birth and the Black Arts Movement. Future conversations include “Gender and Sexuality and the Black Arts Movement,” “Black Cultural Traffic and the Black Arts Movement,” and “The Future of the Black Arts Movement.” All conversations are moderated by Penumbra’s Associate Artistic Director Dominic Taylor.

All conversations take place in the Flux Auditorium of the Regis Center for Art on the U of M campus.

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