More six word memoirs

So my Wednesday post on @loftliterary’s Twitter contest, asking for #6wordmemoirs, drew some great responses. Submissions continued to pour in on Twitter, as well as on the blog. Here’s a look at some of your ultra-condensed lives:

On my own at age five

Started flying, once I dropped anchor

He never quite finished what he…

Need dirt on my hands, surprisingly.

Trying to have it both ways.

Finally grew into my parents’ skins.

Aged faster than I had planned.

Alive 30 years, just getting started.

Wild party girl gets a job

Entrepreneurial gypsy now dog-loving homebody. (That’s only five, but I’m downsizing.)

Worked/played with, for, about children.

She loved cupcakes and making out.

Lost the damn manual. Guessed right!

I am bad at math

Born, lived, wrote memoir, brutally murdered

Rich food performances. Repeats pro bono.

“Say it politely,” they suggested. No.

Gypsy blood ran from my pen.

I just wanted to be useful.

He said, “never write anything down.”

Fourteen homes, ten jobs, one family.

Vietnam born. Minnesota raised. World wanderer.

She teetered but did not fall.

Creative effervescence still mistaken as bubbly.

Always moving, losing money, laughing loudly

Love makes for strange bedfellows, too.

Flattened to death by a bookshelf.

Finally bored with her own story.

Can’t find my glasses anywhere. Crunch.

The Loft Literary Center will close its contest at noon. A select winner will win participation in an online writing class.