Yoko Ono remembers John Lennon

It was on December 8, 1980 that music legend John Lennon was shot and killed.

This weekend in Edina, the Galleria hosts “Yoko Ono Presents: Imagine Peace, the Artwork of John Lennon.” It’s a travelling show of John Lennon’s artwork and includes drawings, songs, lyrics, and photos between 1964-1980.


Yoko Ono

89.3 The Current’s Jim McGuinn recently spoke with Ono about the exhibit, as well as tonight’s annual tribute with Curtiss A, The Minnesota Beatle Project and Lennon’s inspirations throughout the years.

Ono says she still feels responsible for continuing to manage Lennon’s artistic career, even 31 years after his death.

His artwork is just as incredible and interesting as his music, and there’s a connection between his art and his music – you will see it. In his art he has an incredible sense of humor and that shows, too.

Asked why she thinks Lennon’s music still endures, even with young audiences, she replied “He was real and told the truth, as simple as that.”

You can hear the entire interview here: