Walker Art Center launches new website

The Walker Art Center’s website is sporting a new look.


Olga Viso stands before a projection of the new website design

Image courtesy Walker Art Center

The redesign is the first major overhaul of the museum’s website since 2005.

It’s being overseen former Adbuster journalist Paul Schmelzer and, according to Executive Director Olga Viso, walkerart.org will be more like a news site about the arts than a typical museum website.

Resembling an online art magazine in its design and format, this new site provides a multifaceted publishing platform–unique among museums worldwide. Here you will find news and feature content about contemporary art as well as the Walker’s own programs and collections. As a pioneer in developing new platforms for scholarship, publishing, arts journalism, and creative exchange with our audiences, we believe we can play an important role in offering alternative media infrastructures as arts coverage in the mainstream media outlets everywhere have been dramatically reduced in recent years. Our cross-disciplinary focus as an institution also positions us well to survey larger trends in contemporary visual arts, performing arts, design, and media culture.

The site showcases news stories, interviews and essays written by Walker staff as well as aggregated content, covering issues not just limited to the museum itself but to art around the world.

As a reporter, I find this shift particularly interesting, because it marks a significant step forward in an ongoing trend. Namely arts organizations, faced with a lack of media coverage, are creating their own coverage, and taking the dialogue directly to their audiences. Will arts journalists eventually be employed by museums and theaters, rather than newspapers?

While the redesign has been applied to most major sections of the site, some additional sections will continue to be updated over the next year.

What do you think of the redesign? Your thoughts are always welcome.