The reviews are in for In the Heart of the Beast’s ‘Winter Dreams’

As we all prepare for the holidays, and the post-revelry hibernation, we might take a lesson or two from the animals who must make it through winter without the help of a furnace, hot coffee, and Netflix.

In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre presents “Winter Dreams,” the story of a wolf cub trying to find his way home as the forest gets colder and quieter.

These three reviewers find the otherworldly puppets and nature-based theme the perfect antidote to the holiday hustle, and the chill of Minnesota winter.


“Winter Dreams” runs through Dec 30 at In The Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre

Photo by Bruce Silcox

From Lydia Howell at TC Daily Planet

After the holiday “door-buster” sales insanity, In The Heart of the Beast Puppet And Mask Theatre re-connects us to something priceless with its production of Winter Dreams. Transcending all religious traditions, this magical performance reunites us to the deeper rhythms of our natural world… Winter Dreams reveals that paper mache, fabric and wood, imbued with imagination, can make all but the most cynical see our planet with new eyes.

From Christina Ham at

Winter Dreams examines the hibernation habits of native Minnesota animals utilizing live music provided by Sean Egan and Jim Parker that underscores these well-drawn scenes and a wide array of puppetry styles. This magical look at the behind-the-scenes of this winter wonderland has at the heart of its story a wolf cub that becomes separated from its pack and wanders through this treacherous terrain encountering the magical creatures that inhabit this world (the jack rabbit, the bear and a hilarious trio of squirrels who provide the comic relief) in the midst of Mother Nature’s lush white landscape as he tries to make his way back home. What this piece does really well is capture not just the beauty of winter, but also the treachery, isolation, and sustenance that it provides.


Winter Dreams

Photo by Bruce Silcox

From Sophie Kerman at Aisle Say Twin Cities:

The pure imaginative energy of this production enchants adults and children alike, offering definite proof that kids don’t need flashy colors or cutesy voices to be entertained, and that grown-ups too can be entranced by the natural world… Like the animals on stage, we all start to shut down during the winter, dreaming of Florida and waiting for the distant rays of spring sunshine. But with giant puppets to charm you, make you laugh, and warm your spirits, Minnesota winter really doesn’t seem so bad after all.

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