Penumbra Theatre drops two shows from season

First Penumbra Theatre dropped its annual holiday show “Black Nativity” in order to bring back “I Wish You Love” for a limited run.

Now it’s cancelling two other shows in its 2011-2012 season – “Julius by Design” and “Bourbon at the Border.”

This is the second time ‘Julius by Design’ has been removed from a Penumbra season.

The decision, according to Board Chair Bill Stevens, was made in response to lessons learned from the current economy.

These cancellations are painful for all of us – artists, patrons, staff and board. Not only is it disappointing and frustrating, but it strains our relationships – and for that we apologize. This last year taught us some tough and valuable lessons on the vagaries of this economy and its impact on our business. In response, we are cutting over $600,000 of expenses from our current budget, the bulk of which will come from these two shows.

Evidently “I Wish You Love” has been a bright spot in an otherwise bleak year; the show’s return to the Penumbra stage has been extended through December 18, due to demand.

Penumbra’s final show of the season “The Amen Corner,” starring Greta Oglesby, is still on for May 11 – 17 June at the Guthrie Theater.

The announcement from Penumbra also promised a new five year business plan to return the theater to financial health. The details of the plan are due to be finalized and unveiled this spring.

  • pete

    This is sloppy journalism.

    The lede, “First Penumbra dropped…” is not what today’s news is about, and betrays a bias for the sensational. You seem most eager to make a breathless point.

    “Evidently ‘I wish you love’ has been a bright spot…” EVIDENTLY? Do you know, or are you making it up?

  • Mary L.

    Reading the Penumbra’s press release, it looks like something more interesting than dropping two shows is going on.

    1. They’re being very transparent about what they’re doing and proactively working on the issue.

    2. The promise of a new artistic model and sponsorship from RBC Wealth indicate more interesting times ahead…and probably increased stability.

    3. Kate Barr, ED of Nonprofits Assistance Fund doesn’t go on record lightly. It’s clear that they’re deeply involved and approving of the move.

  • Marianne Combs

    Mary L.

    Indeed – and once they release the details of the new model, we’ll be sure to cover it.