Davina and the Vagabonds in studio

Davina and the Vagabonds fuse New Orleans jazz, blues, soul and swing into a mix that has been called a ‘musical time machine.’ Today they joined guest host Tom Weber on Midmorning to talk about their music and perform songs from their CD Black Cloud.

Davina Sower says this about her unique voice:

I hate listening to it – I sound a lot different in my head than I do on recordings. I definitely try to be as diverse with my vocal instrument as I possibly can – I feel like if you can sing you need to be able to tell a story completely with the tone, the way you approach it, and your rhythm – instead of just singing you need to tell a story with your voice.

…I remember someone saying to me ‘it just seems like you’re forcing it so much.’ I don’t sing like Sarah McLaughlin, I can’t sing as sweetly. I’ve tried, but this is who I am and it’s what comes out of my mug.

You can listen to their conversation/performance here:

Or watch part of a gig at the Dakota here:

Like what you hear? Then check out Chris Roberts’ story about the band here:

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