Big Quarters, Nicolas Carter, And a yuletide dance party


Follow the hounds as they dig up a brotherly hip hop duo that raps about everyday life, a Nordic Yuletide celebration featuring authentic Scandanavian music and sounds of the season courtesy of a Minneapolis musician and his Paraguayan harp.

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janelftmann.jpgMinneapolis visual artist Jan Elftmann is drawn to the music of her Northern European heritage, which will be in abundance at Jultide Celebration: a Nordic Roots Dance Party at Tapestry Folkdance Center in Minneapolis on Sunday, Dec. 18, from 6-8pm. Jan, who organizes art car-related events throughout Minnesota, reports the event will be hosted by Nordic roots artist and Art Hound Kari Tauring, with help from Nordic dancer Carol Sersland and Minneapolis world music musician Drew Miller.

ericutne.jpgEric Utne’s favorite holiday music is plucked by Minneapolis musician Nicolas Carter. Carter’s specialty is the national instrument of Paraguay, the harp. Eric, who started the “Utne Reader” and is a writer and publisher in Minneapolis, says Carter brings a distinctive South American flavor to holiday classics. Carter will be joined in concert by the Son Del Sur Folk Ensemble at First Christian Church in Minneapolis on Saturday, Dec. 17 at 7:30pm and for a family concert at City of Lakes Waldorf School on Sunday afternoon.

alielabaddy.JPGIf you’re looking for local rap that’s rooted in the community, Minneapolis hip hop aficionado and writer Ali Elabbady can’t say enough good things about Big Quarters. The duo consists of brothers Brandon Allday and Medium Zach. Ali says Big Quarters rhymes are often about the rigors and beauty of daily existence, which makes them unique. Big Quarters celebrates its new CD, “Party Like a Young Commie,” with a release party at the Triple Rock Social Club on Friday, December 16th.

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