Cowles Center executive director resigns

Frank Sonntag was hired ten months ago from New York City to take the helm of the brand new Cowles Center for Dance and the Performing Arts.

Today it was announced that, just two months after the center opened to the public, Sonntag has resigned.


Frank Sonntag

MPR Photo/Jeffrey Thompson

In a sparsely worded release, Sonntag explained his decision this way:

I have the utmost respect for the leadership of Artspace and I’m confident

that The Cowles Center will continue to thrive. I came to Minnesota because

I believed in the mission of The Cowles Center, and I still do. But after

spending most of my professional life in New York, I don’t feel the Minnesota

culture is one I’m well suited for. It has been a struggle, but ultimately I

think this is the best decision for the organization.

Sonntag will remain at his post through the end of the year.