Art Hounds: Supernatural Wife, Matt Ryan, and a re-telling of a Greek tragedy

bigdancetheater.JPGImage of “Supernatural Wife” by photographer Mike Van Sleen

The week’s installment has an ancient Greek flavor…the hounds are trailing a movement theater piece based on a Euripedes translation and a drama inspired by Aeschylus. Oh, and they’re talking up Minnesota writer Matt Ryan’s new book.

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mattrassmussen.JPGRobbinsdale poet Matt Rasmussen favors the comedic literary stylings of Minnesota writer Matt Ryan. Matt thinks Matt’s new book, “Read This or You’re Dead to Me,” which Mr. Ryan describes as a collection of prose poems and flash fiction, is wildly inventive, brash, and hilarious. The Minneapolis publication “Paper Darts” is throwing a launch party for ‘Read This’ tonight at Moto-i in Minneapolis from 7 – 10pm. Matt Ryan will be reading, along with writerly guests Matt Mauch and Leah Drillias and there will be musical entertainment by Bethany Larson and the Bees Knees.

mollybudke.JPGBudding director and dramaturge Molly Budke says Savage Umbrella’s “The Ravagers” is memorable on a number of levels. They include the manner in which the company has updated Aeschylus’s tragedy, “The Supplicants,” and the way it uses the decaying environs of the Hollywood Theater in Nordeast Minneapolis. It’s the final weekend of “The Ravagers,” on stage at the Hollywood through Nov. 19.

juliet.jpgThe New York-based Big Dance Theatre’s multi-media circus of movement combined with New Yorker Anne Carson’s poetry is an irresistible combination to Minneapolis writer and poet Juliet Patterson. “Supernatural Wife” is Big Dance Theatre’s interpretation of Carson’s translation of Euripides’ “Alkestis.” You can see it Friday and Saturday, Nov. 18 – 19, at the Walker’s McGuire Theater.

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