Art Hounds: Gabriel Figueroa, Learning Fairy, and improv for policy wonks

Hanky Dance.jpgMax Specktor, Zoe Sommers Haas and Noah Sommers Haas in “The Learning Fairy” at Open Eye Figure Theatre. (Photo credit: Lary Lamb)

This week’s hounds are into Mexico’s master cinematographer, a strange fairy who knows how to push the laugh button and theater that turns public policy into improv comedy.

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jen scott.JPGAs far as actor, teacher and improv artist Jen Scott is concerned, anything can be the source of improv comedy. Even, or maybe especially, public policy. Jen says “The Theater of Public Policy,” on stage at Huge Theater in Minneapolis every Thursday through Nov. 17, serves up useful info along with its humor. It features a conversation with a policy expert, followed by an interpretation by a team of improv artists.

manuelcastillo.JPGTwin Cities photographer Manuel Castillo calls Gabriel Figueroa the best cinematographer Mexico ever produced. Figueroa is well known for his ‘film noir’ aesthetic and his work on such notable movies as “Night of the Iguana” and “The Fugitive,” directed by John Ford. Figueroa’s son, Gabriel Figueroa Flores, will discuss 20 original still photographs from his father’s classic films, Friday, Nov. 4, at the Minneapolis Photo Center.

Tim Carroll2.jpgTim Carroll, Minneapolis performance and installation artist, was having a bad day when he went to see “The Learning Fairy” at Open Eye Figure Theatre in Minneapolis. Tim says once the show started, he was laughing so hysterically he forgot all about it. Who is the Learning Fairy? Tim’s still not sure, but she’s here from another world to help change ours. All ages welcome….through November 12.

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