Art Hounds: Dear Data, St. Cloud aesthetic, and Rebel Pleasure


This week, three Scotts and a Carol show us what it means to be a St. Cloud artist, introduce to us a new band with a warm sound perfect for winter, and a performance series that pushes all sorts of boundaries.

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scottstulen.jpgScott Stulen may be the Project Director for as well as a visual artist, but his true love is DJing, which he does under the name Black Lacquer. He’s always on the hunt for new music and he can’t get enough of the newly-formed Dear Data. The Minneapolis band, made up of members of I, Colussus and Al Church and State, pairs a warm electro-pop sound with soulful vocals. If you want to catch this band before they hit it big, you can see them Monday, Nov. 28 at Red Stag Supperclub and Wednesday, Nov. 30 at Cause Spirits and Soundbar.

carolweiler.JPGCarol Weiler is a photographer and designer in St. Cloud. She wants you to head to the 912 Art Gallery to see the work of a man who helped shape the aesthetic of the St. Cloud art scene. Bill Ellingson’s watercolors and prints particularly struck a chord in the ’70s and ’80s, especially his work featuring images of protests from the era of the Vietnam War. The show will be up through Nov. 30 and there will also be a discussion at the gallery on Monday, Nov. 28 about the collective memory of the St. Cloud arts culture.

scottyandscotty.JPGScotty Reynolds and Scotty Hall share a name, artistic endeavors (Picnic Operetta and Interact Center) and a love for the queer performance series Pleasure Rebel. Wednesday, Nov. 30 at the Bryant Lake Bowl you can see artists pushing themselves and the boundaries of what queer performance can be. They’re particularly excited to the see the intimate performance of Melissa Birch and the visceral work of Tim Carroll, who goes beyond normal human limits.

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