5 ways to make your weekend more worthwhile

I can forgive you if you spent last weekend outdoors from sunrise to sunset, ignoring the plethora of concerts and exhibitions on offer. It was beautiful, it was warm, and the trees were gorgeous.

But this weekend? No excuses.


Renata Friedman in “The K of D” at the Illusion Theater

Photo by Chris Bennion

Here are my five best bets for your free time. If you don’t like what you see here, check out what the art hounds recommend.

1. Twin Cities Book Festival

Are you a book-lover? Then get yourself over to Minneapolis Community and Technical College on Saturday for a literary free-for-all. Authors will be on hand to sign books, others will give talks, and local publishers will have discounted (and even FREE) wares to offer you.

2. Hunter Gatherers at Red Eye Theater

Have we evolved beyond the primal instincts of our ancestors or does the heart of something savage still lurk below the surface? Two couples gather to celebrate their shared wedding anniversary. The hosts have gone all out to make a special feast for the occasion, but the party rapidly disintegrates to reveal the surprising secrets, rivalries and desires that form the true bonds of their relationships.

Warning: This play contains wrestling, sex, violence & 1980’s music

Runs tomorrow through October 30.

3. 1968 at the Minnesota History Center.

The Vietnam War, protests and assassinations were on the news. Peace signs, love-ins and psychedelic rock were on the scene. From the darkest hours to the incredible highs, the year 1968 comes alive in this new exhibit. On view Friday, October 14, 2011 – Monday, February 20, 2012

4. The K of D at Illusion Theater

Truth: Before Charlotte’s brother died, she kissed him. Legend: Everything she kissed from then on also died.

Actress Renata Friedman brings an entire town to life in this urban legend of a lonely girl who must face her demons by becoming them. Slipping between the psychological and the supernatural, The K of D (a.k.a. The Kiss of Death) explores the transformative power of grief, set amid the summer fields of rural Ohio.

5. Soap Box Players presents 30 Neo-Futurist Plays from “Too Much Light makes the Baby go Blind.”

Thinking of driving to Red Wing this weekend while enjoying the fall colors? While you’re there, stop by the Stoney End Music Barn for 30 plays in 60 minutes, or, the theatrical equivalent of speed-dating.

Here’s the deal: the audience chooses the plays from off the cards hanging on a clothes line. A visible on-stage timer equiped with a buzzer will time each show and signal when the time is up and the acting will have to stop. Nifty, eh?

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, have a great one.

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