The rules of cosplay

An announcement about the forthcoming “Animinneapolis” event arrived via Twitter today. The big event will be held in Bloomington June 29 – July 1, 2012.

Aimed at fans of Japanese animation it will feature screenings of classic anime and the latest offerings, chances to meet the top voice-over specialists who lend their talents to dubbing stories fresh from Asia, and of course there is the chance to dress up as a favorite character.


“Cosplay” is a time-honored tradition at sci-fi conventions, and in particular those focused on anime. Animinneapolis offers chances both to socialize and compete in costume.

Of course there are rules, and the Animinneapolis folks have already posted them. Frankly they kind of make you think. And wonder…

A sampling:

Please behave responsibly while at the convention. Remember you are representing the convention, the entire Minneapolis anime community, and every other attendee. Be considerate of all guests, attendees, and AniMinneapolis staff.

Any violation of rules can result in the suspension of membership privileges to the convention. You may be asked to leave, and in extreme cases you may be asked to never return. In addition, any attendee found breaking state or federal law will be reported and suspended from the convention. We reserve the right to determine what is and is not acceptable, and we may revise the code of conduct at anytime without notice.

“You break it, you buy it.” If you damaged, deface, or otherwise break any equipment you are to pay for a replacement out of your own pockets.

If you win any prizes but are not present during the allotted time limit, the prize may be handed down to your follow up. Please consider checking your cellphone and in Con Ops regularly, and be aware of when the prizes will be handed out.

Masquerade department staff members may be allowed to participate in one cosplay event during the whole convention. Staff members may be pulled out if help is needed elsewhere, however. Staff can not win any awards during the Cosplay Masquerade.

Anyone found willfully damaging another individual’s costume or harassing another cosplayer, will be ejected from the convention and likely prosecuted.

I may be spending my weekend working on a Mighty Mouse or Gigantor costume.

(Image courtesy Wikipedia, Photo taken by: Alton Thompson, 2009)