Haley Bonar on music without words


Haley Bonar

Some days I’m just in awe of my colleague Chris Roberts. He’s been an arts reporter for countless years, yet he’s always looking for fresh ways to talk about the arts, especially music.

His most recent series involves sitting down with artists and asking them to talk about a song in detail. As a result listeners get a backstage pass into the creative process.

In his latest report, Roberts sat down with Haley Bonar and talked about two tracks on her album “Golder” Both tracks are instrumentals, but that doesn’t keep them from conveying strong feelings.

Bonar, who’s days away from giving birth to a baby, says both songs remind her of her childhood.

Give a listen to Bonar as she talks her way through “Sad Baby” and “Leo” while sitting at a baby grand piano in MPR’s recording studios.

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