Minnesota treasures on tour, and in new book

For a museum without a building to call home, the Minnesota Museum of American Art is certainly doing a good job of making its presence known.

Currently the museum is touring some of the finer pieces from its extensive collection to different galleries around the state. First stop: the Tweed Museum of Art on the Duluth campus of the University of Minnesota. The exhibition is titled “Our Treasures” and features work by everyone from sculptor Paul Manship and muralist Thomas Hart Benton to potter Warren MacKenzie and photographer Wing Young Huie.


“Indian Hunter and His Dog” by Paul Manship

Along with the touring exhibition, the MMAA has published its first ever catalog of highlights from the collection, also named “Our Treasures.” Selected works of art are accompanied by essays by museum curators and other scholars. MMAA Director Kristin Makholm says the publishing of the catalog marks an important step for the museum.

Minnesotans need to recognize what a significant collection the MMAA has so they understand the need to get it back into the public eye. Most people have no idea of the riches this museum holds. For the first time, we’ve opened a panorama on the history of the MMAA and its collection, confirming our long-time commitment and dedication to the visual arts in St. Paul and to showcasing the best in American art since the 19th century. This is part of the message we need to deliver to bring people back as supporters (and lovers!) of a permanent and sustainable Minnesota Museum of American Art.

“Our Treasures” in on display at the Tweed Museum of Art through October 23. From there it travels to the Hillstrom Museum of Art in St. Peter and then to the Perlman Teaching Museum on the campus of Carleton College.

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