Gretchen Seichrist elaborates on why “people don’t like artists”

So a couple of days ago I singled out a statement that Gretchen Seichrist made in a profile by MPR reporter Chris Roberts:

“People don’t like artists,” she said. “They’re suspicious of artists. They resent them, if you’ve figured out that the people saying that they want to be an artist because they’re going to their job every day, and they’re resentful about it. I understand that. ‘Well how come she gets to do that?'”

The comment inspired a series of reactions, which became the subject of yet another blog post.

That inspired a response from Seichrist, in which she both questioned some of the reactions, and offered this elaboration:

I don’t need everybody to like me…

One reason, I made the statement was because I have seen that reaction to other artists that I have known. Also, because it’s a mean culture. It’s a bully culture. And a gutless one. And I have been bullied many times for being who I am. And I have seen others bullied in the same way. The direct line of the bullying messages was about being an artist. Being myself.

…I would dare to say it again: people don’t like artists and um…..women. They don’t like women. And uh, the person that shows them what they could do. Oh and they don’t like me. Oh and they don’t like when their motives are exposed for the opportunistic ones they are! And they don’t like themselves sometimes so they say they don’t like someone else.

The idea that I am supposed to shut up about it or take it quietly up the shoot is not my philosophy.

There you have it.


Gretchen Seichrist

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