Art on a barn

So I returned to work yesterday after taking a nice late summer vacation in Door County, Wisconsin.

As I mentioned to Jill Riley and Steve Seel on 89.3 The Current yesterday morning, while I had no plans to see any art on my vacation, it simply couldn’t be avoided.


Quilt pattern: “North Star”

Located on the Olson Farm on the County Highway in Sturgeon Bay

Image courtesy Door County Barn Quilts

It turns out, this is the second year of the Door County Barn Quilts Project, which is simultaneously celebrating the area’s agricultural, architectural and quilting heritage.


Quilt pattern: “Flying Geese”

Located on the Smith’s barn on Highway 42 in Sturgeon Bay

Image courtesy Door County Barn Quilts

Barn quilts, according to the project’s website, are “large, colorful, painted wooden quilt blocks that range in size from 6′ to 8′ square.”


Quilt pattern: “Crazy Quilt”

Located on the Lasee Farm on Hwy 57, Sturgeon Bay

Image courtesy Door County Barn Quilts

The patterns were selected by the barn owners, then painted by 4-H members and other volunteers. According to coordinator Pam Peterson, volunteers are getting started on a second round of painting and will soon be adding another dozen quilts to the current 24.

Art is everywhere!

  • Are you aware of the barn quilt project , “Quilting the Countryside,” in Houston County in southeastern Minnesota?

    Nearly 50 quilts are showcased on barns, especially around Caledonia, where this project began several years ago. I saw several while driving through this region in early August.

    Go to this website for more information: