Rediscovering the lost mansions of the Twin Cities

Today I had the pleasure of sitting in the host chair on Midday.

It was a particular pleasure because I got to spend the first hour talking with architectural historian Larry Millett about some amazing buildings.


Charles G. Gates’ palatial home stood for only 19 years on Lake of the Isles Parkway in Minneapolis before it fell victim to its own lavishness.

Image courtesy of the Minnesota Historical Society

Millett is the author of several books on Twin Cities’ architecture; his newest book “Once There Were Castles” profiles 90 mansions and estates that have been lost to history.

One of the interesting facts gleened from the conversation: many of these mansions were “too big to survive” – once the owner died, there was no one around willing to take over the cost of upkeep.

You can listen to the entire hour by clicking on the audio link below:

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