Art Hounds: Mystery Palace, Square Lake, and a novel about a teacher’s first year


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The hounds celebrate a rural film and music fest that rewards cyclists, an Ortonville writer’s novel about a novice teacher struggling through his first school year, and a Minneapolis electro-pop band with an avant undercurrent.

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Becky-thumb-125x239.jpgOrtonville photographer Becky Stattelman has a recommendation for your late summer reading list. “First Year” by fellow Ortonvillian and Big Stone Arts Council member John Salls. “First Year” chronicles a first year English teacher’s arduous journey in the classroom. Becky says teachers will relate, parents will benefit, and anyone who’s ever been a student will have their memories sparked.

20101216_shahzore_shah_43.jpg Shahzore Shah is getting out of the city this Saturday, Aug. 13, but he’s not going that far. Shahzore, a member of the male vocal ensemble “Cantus,” is headed for the “Square Lake Film and Music Festival,” just north of Stillwater. The festival features primarily Minnesota-made short films, documentaries, and animation, alongside local music stalwarts. This year the music roster includes, among others, “Kill the Vultures,” “Ben Weaver,” “Happy Apple,” and “The Orange Mighty Trio.” Located on a 28-acre parcel in Square Lake, the festival offers room for camping and 75% ticket discounts for people who bike there.

nathan jpg.JPG Minneapolis musician and “Ghost in the Water” co-founder Nathan Tensen Woolery counts himself as a longtime fan of the Minneapolis electro-pop outfit “Mystery Palace.” Nathan appreciates what he views as the arty, at times bizarre interior of the band’s seemingly accessible songs. Mystery Palace is celebrating the release of its new, free, digital download EP “Nervio,” with a show at the 7th St. Entry, Friday, Aug. 12.

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