4 ways to celebrate community

Sometimes when looking at the local arts listings, themes appear out of nowhere.

This week, the theme is “community.”


Marc Bamuthi Joseph

Photo: Bethanie Hines

Whether it’s remembering those who have gone before us, talking about what brings a community together, or attending arts events that bring neighbors together in unique ways, there are plenty of ways to strengthen your community ties in the coming days.

1. The Living Classroom

What sustains life in your community? That’s the question up for debate this afternoon and evening at the Walker Art Center’s Open Field. Local and national artists – led by spoken word/theater artist Marc Bamuthi Joseph – host a public conversation while stimulating your creative juices with drawing, ping pong, and more.

2. Celebrate community elders

Ancestor Energy has for decades combined jazz and spoken word to create music that heals and celebrates the human experience. Tonight they reunite for a special concert to remember two recently departed community pillars, Deborah Torraine and Roy McBride

3. Get to know your neighborhood

What better setting for an operetta than your local community garden! Mixed Precipitation presents this year’s musical offering “Alcina” in a host of green spaces, along with some delicious fresh food to sample while you enjoy the performance.

4. Get to know your neighbors

Open Eye Figure Theater’s Driveway Tour may be over, but OffLeash Area’s Garage Tour is just getting underway, featuring their popular piece “A Gift for Planet BX63.” Performances take place in the garages of daring, welcoming folks.

Editor’s Note: scroll down once you get to their website – the page looks like it’s empty – but it’s not!

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